Lv 105 Divine Conqueror Mods and Plasma Bolter Augments

Brand new Plasma Bolter Augments have been released.

New Mod levels for the Divine Conqueror Mod set have also been released allowing you to now achieve Mod level 105.

Both of these new releases feature huge combat stats to enhance your base Attacking and Defending capabilities.

Lv105 Mods

The Divine Conqueror Mod set can now reach level 105. Here is an overview of the stats achievable by installing 7 Divine Conqueror Mods into your gear at level 105:

  • Overpowered Attack – 150KTT%
  • Indestructible Defense – 5.5K%
  • Troop Attack – 250MTT%
  • Army Attack – 250MTT%
  • Rally/Control Point Attack – 250MTT%
  • Army Defense – 375T%
  • Troop Armor Piercing – 3.75KTT%
  • Rally/Control Point Health – 25BTT%
  • Rally/Control Point Mobile Trap Health – 12.5BTT%
  • Combat shielding vs Base/Combat shielding rally vs Base – 250KTT%
  • Rally/Control Point Combat shielding – 250KTT%
  • Corrosive Attack – 10KT%


Plasma Bolter Augments

The legendary Plasma Bolter Augments are a brand new Augment set featuring huge combat stats. Here is the stats achieved for equipping a full set of Plasma Bolter Augments into your weapon:

  • Army Attack – 250MTT%
  • Nuclear Assault – 950K%
  • Troop Defense – 375T%
  • Rally/Control Point Health – 25BTT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 12.5BTT%

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