Hurricane Mod set

A brand new Hurricane Mod set has been released.

It features 4 new Mods; 3 regular Mods and 1 special Mod

The Hirrcane Mod set is advertised as giving 4500% Troop Attack, if used in all 7 pieces of gear with the required Mod set research fully completed.

The New Mods

(Stats for all troop types; regular, advanced and mercenary)

Tornado Mod – 25% Troop Attack

Lightning Mod – 25% Troop Attack

Rain Mod – 25% Troop Attack

Thunder Mod (special) – 25% Troop Attack


The Hurricane Mod set currents provides the highest Troop Attack available in a Mod set, giving 1000% more Attack than the previous best the Armor Piercing Mod set and the Accuracy Mod set.

Given the importance of debuffs to reduce the enemy stats, I would still recommend using the Armor Piercing Mod set ahead of this new Hurricane Mod set when hitting player bases, although the additional 1000% Attack is useful so it can still be used..

This Mod set would be useful to be used in Control Point battles, even though it contains no Health boosts the Attack is still very significant.

The new Mods provide more variety for anyone that doesn’t have the Mod set research complete, all of these new Mods provide 25% Troop Attack so are ideal for anyone looking to Mod for pure Troop Attack.

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