Halloween Insignias

Brand new Halloween Insignias have been released.

There is four new Insignia

Each of these features stats for the new “Super” combat stats. This suggests the “Super” combat stats are going to become more important within the game

New Insignia

Halloween Spider Insignia 

  • Super Troop Attack – 150%
  • Super Troop Attack in Warzone – 150%
  • Overpowered Attack – 30KTTT%


Halloween Target Insignia 

  • Super Troop Armor Piercing – 300%
  • Troop Defense – 1BT%


Halloween Toxic Insignia 

  • Super Troop Defense – 300%
  • Type Attack – 600KTTT%


Halloween Vest Insignia 

  • Multi-kill – 2000%
  • Super Mobile Trap Attack – 150%
  • Type Armor Piercing – 2BT%


All of the new Insignias can be purchased from selected in-game app purchases

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