Hallowed DBC

A brand new Hallowed DBC membership has been released

This is the latest in a line of DBC memberships released forcing players to buy in order to actually get rewards still relevant or partially relevant within the game

The Hallowed DBC membership features a significant increase in rewards given out from the last released membership.. the Ultra DBC.

DBC rewards

Purchasing the Hallowed DBC membership will provide you with 50 Billion gold each day. Earning your 6 day login streak will reward a further 250 Billion gold.


This jump in gold reward makes this easily the most appealing DBC membership to date.

Alrhough Gold is largely useless at this point in the game, since EW have not updated the item store to provide a more up to date selection of things to buy with gold, in line with the extreme game inflation, having massive amounts of it is still nice for things like Advanced Teleports, Peace Shields and Deployment speed ups

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