Ground Breaker Gear (Research)

The Ground Breaker Commander Gear is a Research set. Its currently the strongest Research set in Mobile Strike.

This is currently the only research or troop training gear set that can be enhanced in the Combat Lab, giving you the possibility to enhance the stats on this set by 70% (10% enhanced to +10 for each piece of gear)

The Total Research speed from the Gear in the set is 397% using the strongest 7 available pieces of Gear. There is also a 36% Manufacturing Research cost reduction for Food, Oil, Stone & Iron.

ground breaker research set







ground breaker research set








The Ground Breaker set features the Atom Splitter Weapon. This is the Strongest weapon for research in the game and not only features a huge 115% Research speed, but gives a Research file reduction of 500 files and Restricted file reduction of 25 files. This makes getting this weapon one of the most essential weapons in the game as you dont only save on research speed, but you save on the number of files required on researches too.

This set requires a Commander level 50 in order to wear the gear and get the benefits from it.

Set Bonus

The set bonus on this set is:

Base Bonus (5) – Troop Health (for all troop types) – 20%, Troop Defense (for all troop types) – 20%

Full Bonus (7) – Troop Health (for all troop types) – 40%, Troop Defense (for all troop types) – 40%

The amount of this bonus you receive is dependent on how complete your set bonus research tree is.

ground breaker set bonus







The specialized set bonus you can roll like the base and full bonus gives combat boosting stats with individual Troop Defense and individual Troop Health most common.

It would of been nice to see Research speed given in the set bonus to further enhance the stats on the set.

How to Mod

(Please note: Modding advice is accurate at the time of writing this)

The ideal to way to Mod this set is using the Research Mod set. That uses the following Mods:

  • Knowledge Mod – 5% Research Speed
  • Test Tube Mod – 2.5% Research Speed, 2.5% Training Speed
  • Genius Mod – 25% Research Speed
  • Intelligence Mod (Special) – 5% Research Speed

It is recommended to research the Research Mod set lv1 research in the Mod set research tree, this is right at the beginning of the research tree and completing it will provide you with a percentage of the Mod set bonus which is higher than can be achieved with an random assortment of Mods.

If you don’t have the level 6 Mods required to activate the Mod set, then using these Mods at a lower level is advised.


This Gear set is essential to acquire as everyone needs to research in the game and this set currently provides the strongest Research boosts you can get. The atom splitter weapon in particular is a must for all players given the amount of benefit it provides.

The fact this gear can be enhanced in the Combat Lab gives it an advantage over all other research gear items currently available as they cant be enhanced.

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