Fortify Master Insignia

A brand new Fortify Master Insignia has been released

The Fortify Master Insignia provides an increase to your Army Defense and Army Health stats when active if your Commander is present

The duration is 24 hours whilst the cooldown is 1 hour.

Insignia Benefits

The benefits this Insignia gives are as follows at level 6:

  • Advanced Troop Defense bonus – 2500%
  • Advanced Troop Health bonus – 2500%
  • Mercenary Troop Defense bonus – 2500%
  • Mercenary Troop Health bonus – 2500%
  • Troop Defense bonus – 2500%
  • Troop Health bonus – 2500%



The Fortify Master Insignia provides boosts to Army Defense and Army Health. These Army stats are not currently debuffed by the Armor Piercing and Accuracy stats respectively which make it a useful Insignia to use when defending your base

The duration on this Insignia is 24 hours which means it can be active all day without refreshing it. This makes it ideal to use during a kill event for example where you are likely to do prolonged fighting

Your Commander has to be present for this Insignia to provide the benefits.

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