Extra Building plots

New building plots have been released allowing for even more customization with both urban and rural plots within your city. Prior to this release there was 25 urban building plots and 25 rural building plots in your city.

3 new urban plots and 3 new rural plots have been released meaning you can now have a total of 28 of each to further customize your city.

These new plots require a special item in order to unlock them. The urban plots require a “Crane” item to unlock and the rural plots require an “Excavator” These items can be acquired via in game purchases.


The urban plots require a total of 4 “Cranes” to unlock all the new plots, likewise the rural plots require a total of 4 “Excavators” to unlock all new plots


Unlocking these new plots will allow you to better arm yourself for combat via the urban buildings (train more troops/train faster or increase bed capacity) and increase your resource production amounts and capacity via the rural buildings

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