Elite Attack Mod set

A brand new Elite Attack Mod set has been released.

It features 4 new Mods: 3 regular Mods and 1 special Mod.

The Elite Attack Mod set is a Troop Attack Mod set advertised as giving 2300% Troop Attack if used in all 7 pieces of gear with the fully completed required Mod set research.

The new Mods

(Stats for all Troop types: regular, advanced and mercenary)

Freeze Mod – 25% Troop Attack

Glacial Mod – 25% Troop Attack

Icebound Mod – 25% Troop Attack

Frostbite Mod (Special) – 25% Troop Attack


This Mod set overtakes the New Years Attack Mod set to become the current strongest Troop Attack Mod set in Mobile Strike.

It gives 500% more Troop Attack than the New Years Attack Mod set which is a significant jump which is going to make hits much more powerful, especially when used with the larger rally sizes now available.

It is the first time that an Attack Mod set has had all 4 Mods giving 25% Troop Attack, this really increases the options available to anyone looking to Mod pure Troop Attack without the Mod set research completed.

This Mod set is best used in the strongest Regular gear, used to Attack bases or even the Control Point, and in the most recent powerful Cores for maximum effectiveness when hitting player bases.

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