Divine Insignias

Two brand new Divine Insignia have been released.

The Divine Stalwart and Divine Steadfast Insignias offer the largest Combat stats seen in Insignias to date by a considerable distance.

Both of the Insignia has a duration of 365 days and a cooldown of 1 hour

Divine Insignia

Here Is a breakdown of the stats provided by each of the new Insignia:


Divine Stalwart Insignia 

  • Troop Attack – 2BTT%
  • Rally and Control Point Health – 2TTT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 1TTT%


Divine Steadfast Insignia 

  • Multi Kill – 1000%
  • Idestructible Defense – 5KT
  • Corrosive Attack



These new Insignia have massive combat stats

The Stalwart Insignia is ideal for Attacking given the huge Attack stats it gives

The Steadfast makes an excellent Defensive option given the large Indestructible Defense, but is also ideal for Attacking with the Multi kill stat

Combining these two Insignia with the Ultimate DBC Insignias is the best Insignia combination in the game at the time of writing this.

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