Covert Ops Center

The Covert Ops Center is a new building in Mobile Strike

The Covert Ops Center stores spy drones which are used to reveal the location of Rebel bases in the world map. Infiltrating these rebel bases provides rewards and allows you to collect rebel intel.

Upgrading the building provides a permanent Attack, Health, and Defense boost to your base.

The Covert Ops Center currently has 22 levels with additional rebel base deployment size bonuses being awarded for levels 19-22.

Covert ops stats


Requirements for upgrading

As well as needing large quantities of resources to upgrade the Covert Ops Center, you also need “Covert Assignment” and “Rebel Intel”

Both of these items can be found in selected in-game purchases although rebel intel can also be earned by using spy drones to locate and infiltrate rebel bases as mentioned above.

All the spy drones you have will be stored in your Drone Inventory and any active spy drones you have/used will be shown in the Active Targets section of the Covert Ops Center.

Covert ops requirements

Thoughts on the Covert Ops Center

The Covert Ops Center is an excellent way for bases of all powers to increase their combat stats. At level 22 it provides a 600% Attack, 600% Health and 600% Defense boost permanently, that is huge for a trap account.

The cost of upgrading this building is substantial especially in resources which means its going to be quite expensive to get it to level 22.

The rewards dropped at rebel bases are not especially great, but you will need to infiltrate rebel bases in order to earn rebel intel to upgrade the building.

For rally lead accounts this building is essential to max. For smaller accounts, Traps etc this building should be one you look to upgrade overtime as and when you can afford to in order to get as much of a combat boost from it.

The Defense is vital for an account that takes hits especially with a larger troop count. The health and Attack are ideal for hitting bases and competing in Control Points.

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