Core Enhancement Insignia

A brand new Core Enhancement Insignia has been released. This Insignia provides a Troop Attack bonus for each Enhanced Prototype gear that’s equipped.

Equipping 7 pieces of Prototype gear that is enhanced will allow you to get the maximum possible boost from the Insignia.

The duration on this Insignia is 1 hour and the cooldown is 1 hour.

Insignia Benefits

The Troop Attack boost you get per core is dependent on how enhanced it is. The boost gains are as followed:

  • Enhanced to +1 – Gives Troop Attack boost of 1.5%
  • Enhanced to +2 – Gives Troop Attack boost of 3%
  • Enhanced to +3 – Gives Troop Attack boost of 6%
  • Enhanced to +4 – Gives Troop Attack boost of 12%
  • Enhanced to +5 – Gives Troop Attack boost of 30%

The Maximum Troop Attack boost possible is 210%.

This would be using 7 Cores all enhanced to +5 in the Combat Lab.


This Insignia requires a Combat Lab to at least level 16 to get any benefit from it. The real significant benefit comes from using it with fully enhanced Cores.

The 210% Troop Attack possible from this Insignia is the highest Troop Attack currently available from any Insignia.

It is ideal to be paired with the Destruction Insignia when using a Core set with each piece enhanced to at least +4, Cores enhanced lower than this are best used with the Destruction and Attack Insignia paired together for highest Troop Attack benefits.

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