Control Point Titles

Brand new Control Point titles have been released.

These new titles are updated from the previous ones and provide much more significant boosts.

The old titles were outdated and didn’t really reward you for taking a Control Point, these new titles give more up to date combat boosts and offer more of an incentive to take a Control Point

The new Titles

There is 16 new titles as well as new stats for the title of “Head of State”. 8 titles that are positive and 8 titles that are negative.

Here is a breakdown of all the new titles and their benefits. (note all stats are for all troop types; regular, advanced and mercenary)

The Head of State title – 300% Troop Attack, 300% Troop Health, 300% Troop Defense

Positive Titles


The General: +100% Troop Attack, +100% Troop Defense

The Recruiter: +200% Coin income, +50% Training Speed

The Daredevil: +300% Troop Attack, -50% Troop Health

The Sentinel: +50% Armor Piercing, +100% Accuracy

The Poser: +50% Accuracy, -100% Deployment Speed

The Rebel: +100% Rebel Attack, +50% Rebel Deployment Speed

The Professor: +50% Research Speed, +500% Coin Income

The Quartermaster: +200% All Resource Income

Negative Titles


Noob: -100% Troop Attack, -100% Troop Defense

Pinhead: -50% Construction Speed, -50% Accuracy

Latrine Digger: -100% Training Speed, +100% Coin Income

Worm: =100% Coin Income, -50% Troop Attack, +5% Food Income

Fool: -150% All Resource Income

Chicken: -50% Armor Piercing, +5% Troop Defense, + 100% Cowardice

Weakling: -150% Troop Health, +20% Deployment Speed

Kitchen Boy: +1% All Resource Income, =100% Troop Defense


Thoughts on the new titles

The new titles provide much better boosts for players than the previous ones did

There is no positive Construction title this time round although there is a negative one which reduces Construction times

The Positive Rebel title is ideal for any member of your alliance that is big on rebel killing

The Daredevil and Sentinel Titles are ideal to give to rally leaders in order to help increase their Attacking strength. The General is a good title to give to a trap account

The Noob, Weakling and Kitchen Boy negative titles are ideal to give to trap accounts when hitting them in order to lower their key stat(s)



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