Control Point Sentry Insignia

A brand new Control Point Sentry Insignia has been released

The Control Point Sentry is an insignia that gives an increase to your Army and Trap Attack, Defense and Health for Rallies and Control point fighting if the Commander is present

The Duration is 1 hour and the cooldown is 1 hour at level 6

Insignia Benefits

The benefits this Insignia gives are as follows at level 6:

  • Control Point Trap Attack – 15,000%
  • Rally Trap Defense vs Control Point  – 10,000%
  • Control Point Holding Army Health – 30,000%
  • Army Rally Health – 30,000%
  • Control Point Holding Army Attack – 30,000%
  • Rally Trap Health vs Control Point – 15,000%
  • Control Point Trap Health – 15,000%
  • Rally Trap Attack vs Control Point – 15,000%
  • Control Point Holding Army Defense – 20,000%
  • Army Rally Defense – 20,000%
  • Control Point Trap Defense – 10,000%
  • Army Rally Attack – 30,000%


This is the second Insignia released that gives benefits that focuses at least in part on Control Point fighting after the Control Point insignia.

This Insignia gives boosts to both the Army and Trap Attack, Health and Defense stats. Both of these stats are newly released stats separate from the already existent Rally and Control Point Attack, Health and Defense stats.

This Insignia only provides the boosts if the Commander is present

The Army Rally Attack, Health and Defense stats means this Insignia is also an option to use when Rallying bases as well as just fighting in Control Point battles

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