Commando Armor Piercing Mod set

A brand new Commando Armor Piercing Mod set is here

It features 4 new Mods; 3 regular Mods and 1 special Mod

The Commando Armor Piercing Mod set is an Armor Piercing and Army Attack combination Mod set. It is advertised as giving 1250% Armor Piercing and 15,000% Army Attack if used in all 7 pieces of gear with the required Mod set research.

The New Mods

Info on the new Mods in this set will be published when I have access to them. (If anyone has the names of the Mods in this set please leave a comment below)


The Commando Armor Piercing Mod set is the first Mod set to feature the Army Attack. This is a separate stat from the regular Troop Attack stat and works for all of your Infantry, Tactical and Armored Vehicle troops

It is the strongest Armor Piercing Mod set released to date and as such becomes the number one Mod set to use when Attacking player bases.

The Commando Armor Piercing Mod set is best paired with the Armor Piercing Insignia’s for maximum Armor Piercing to give you the best chance of debuffing as much of your enemies Defense as possible

The Army Attack on this Mod set is equal with the Ambush Mod set for giving the most Attack from Mods.


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