Commander levels 66-70

Commander levels 66-70 have been released

These new levels allow you to increase your Combat strength through your Commander and therefore increase the power and effectiveness of your Base.

These new levels introduce a whole new range of Commander skill points to both increase your power in combat and improve your growth.

Requirements for the new Levels

Commander levels 66-70 require a larger amount of Commander XP than previous levels and a new item called a Service Commendation. The original Commendations are no longer required to level up to these new levels.


Commander 66-70

The total XP required for Commander 66-70 is 4 Trillion. The total number of Valor Commendations 8,000,000.

Since Valor Commendations are a new item, the cost of getting to Commander 70 is rather expensive, at least initially. They are predominantly found in selected in-game purchases although some in-game events have a small number of Valor Commendations which can be won.

New Commander Skill Points

Commander Levels 66-70 introduces a new selection of Commander skill points to enhance your base.

There is two new skills for Level 66:

  • Troop Health IV – 500% Troop Health
  • Base Protector Health support – 100%

Three new skills for level 67:

  • Troop Defense V – 750% Troop Defense
  • Unlock Ransom – Unlocks the ability to demand a Ransom for the release of a captured Commander
  • Base Protector Defense Support – 100%

Three new skills for level 68:

  • Prison Captured Commander Bonus – 500%
  • Base and Full bonus boosts – 65%
  • Enhancement Efficiency II –  100%

Three new skills for level 69:

  • Rally Attack bonus II – 1000%
  • Control Point Attack – 1000%
  • Disassemble and Break Efficiency – 100% 

Two new skills for level 70:

  • Troop Attack III – 1500%
  • Base Protector Attack Support – 100%


The introduction of the Base Protector Attack, Health and Defense boosts allow you to support your alliance teammates when they are being Attacked. Equally they are ideal to give to rally leads when they are hitting targets, and for rally leads Attacking or holding the Control Point.

The 1500% Troop Attack is a very nice boost for Attackers

The 750% Troop Defense is very useful for Defenders especially since Attack is getting so high now, that any added Defense will help.

The ability to demand a Ransom for a Commander you capture is a nice feature and allows you to collect a gold fee in order to release a caught Commander. This is ideal for accounts that want to keep a “clean” Memorial but also want to get some form of a reward for capping a Commander without having to kill it.


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