Commander levels 61-65


Commander levels 61-65 have been released further allowing you to increase your Combat strength through your Commander and therefore increase the power and effectiveness of your Base.

These new levels introduce a whole new range of Commander skill points to both increase your power in combat and improve your growth.

Requirements for the new Levels

Commander levels 61-65 require a larger amount of Commander XP than previous levels and a new item called a Service Commendation. The original Commendations are no longer required to level up to these new levels.

commander levels 61-65

The total XP required for Commander 61-65 is 1.5 Trillion. The total number of Service Commendations 4,970,000.

Since Service Commendations are a new item, the cost of getting to Commander 65 is rather expensive, at least initially. They are predominantly found in selected in-game purchases although some in-game events have a small number of Service Commendations which can be won.

New Commander Skill Points

Commander Levels 61-65 introduces a new selection of Commander skill points to enhance your base.

There is two new skills for Level 61:

  • Troop Defense IV – 200% Troop Defense
  • Resource Help Capacity – 10 million resource trade capacity

Three new skills for level 62:

  • Full set bonus- 35% More Specialized Full set bonus
  • Commander Construction Support – 50% Speed (Fully Boosted)
  • Death Row Boost Duration – Additional 1 day Death Row Elimination Duration

Three new skills for level 63:

  • Defense for all Troop types – 300% Defense for all Troop types
  • Commander Training Support – 50% Speed & 1000% Troop Queue (Fully Boosted)
  • Core Gear Duration – 20% Core Gear Duration (Cores last 30 minutes longer)

Three new skills for level 64:

  • Health for all Troop types – 400% Health for all Troop types
  • Commander Research Support – 50% Research Speed (Fully Boosted)
  • Enhancement Efficiency – 10% Enhancement Efficiency to reduce the cost of Enhancing all gear

Three new skills for level 65:

  • Attack for all Troop types – 500% Attack for all Troop types
  • Mass Deployment Recall Speed boost – 45% Mass recall speed boost for your Deployments
  • Core High Range boost – 25% Core High range boost (which is advertised to increase the Annihilation Core set by 400% Attack)


The Combat Benefits on these new Commander levels make upgrading very appealing. Troop Defense in particular gets a significant boost with 500% total over levels 61 and 63. This is ideal for players who play defensively, however the Power gained from moving to Commander level 63 might initially put some players off.

The 500% Attack boost is very nice for Attackers whilst the Core High Range boost and Core Duration will provide substantial Attack Boost to Core sets whilst improving their Duration.

The Introduction of Commander Support is an excellent feature. provided you have the required Commander level and a support pack item (found in selected in-game purchases) you can provide a limited time support boost  to an Alliance teammate for either Construction, Troop training or Research. The amount of boost your team mate receives depends on if you have the Commander Skill fully Skilled or not. If it isn’t fully skilled they will only receive a % of the boost listed above, if it is fully skilled they will receive the full boost listed above.



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  1. How do I get service commendations I am not seeing them in the store or in any of the packs to buy. I was told lvl 7 prowlers give you service commendations, but I haven’t got any from them either.

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