Commander levels 56-60

New Commander levels have once again been released allowing you to further enhance your combat strength within your city amongst other benefits. These new levels require substantially larger amounts of commander XP than previous levels and once again require Commendations.

With these new Commander levels comes new Skills within the Commander skill tree. There is three new skills for level 56:

  • Troop defense
  • Resource Production
  • Resource receive capacity

Three new skills for level 57:

  • Troop health
  • Mass deployment recall
  • Troop queue II

Three new skills for level 58:

  • Troop attack
  • Base set bonus boost
  • Deployment speed

Three new skills for level 59:

  • Death row defense boost
  • Death row health boost
  • Resource send capacity

Two new skills for level 60:

  • Death row attack boost
  • upkeep efficiency

The total Commander power for a level 60 Commander is 510,760,452

These new levels for the Commander are especially beneficial for combat with significant attack boosts gained from the troop attack and death row attack skills opening up the option to attack larger players. Substantial defense and health boosts also allow for people to increase their stats to protect their base!

There is a Huge jump in power gained from upgrading to these new Commander levels which is a drawback for accounts looking to keep power to a minimum to attract attacks.

Below is a break down of the requirements for each of the new Commander levels
Commander Level Commander XP required Commendations Required
Commander 56 8 Billion 29
Commander 57 10 Billion 47
Commander 58 20 Billion 99
Commander 59 30 Billion 250
Commander 60 50 Billion 450



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