Commander Gear

Commander Gear forms the basic strength of your Commander both when growing and in combat. Regular Gear requires materials to be collected in order to craft specific items of Gear. Commander Gear can be crafted as a stand alone item, or part of a set to form Set Gear which gives a Set Bonus when 5 or 7 items are equipped together.

Commander Gear Categories

Predominately there is 5 main categories, these are:

  • Combat – Infantry/Tactical/Armored Vehicles/Mixed
  • Research
  • Troop Training – Speed and/or troop queue
  • Rebel Killing
  • Other – Deployment speed, Troop Load, Gathering Speed etc etc

commander gear example

Once Crafted Regular gear remains permanently unless it is broken in the Armory> Inventory> Break Item. The gear requires Coin in order to craft as well as materials. Each item of Gear has a corresponding Commander level and cannot be equipped until you have reached that Commander level.

Gear comes in 6 levels ranging from Basic (level 1) to Legendary (level 6) The higher the level, the greater the stats are.

It is essential to equip your Commander with Gear in Mobile Strike and trying to achieve Gear in each of the above 5 categories will make your Base much stronger.


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