Combat Lab

The Combat Lab is an unlock Building that lets you enhance the stats on your regular Gear. In order to unlock it you need to get a Lab Blueprint, which is found in selected in-game purchases. The Combat Lab originally had 10 levels on release but this has since been expanded and there is now 15 upgrade levels, in order to upgrade it you require Spare parts and Power Cell items both of which can be found in game events and via in-game purchase(s)

Combat Lab

Enhancing Gear lets you improve the troop attack stat on all your Set Gear Combat Items. You are also able to enhance the research speed on the Ground Breaker research set. Gear can be enhanced to (+10) depending on the level of the Combat Lab. With each level you upgrade the building, the Enhancement efficiency improves.

combat lab upgrade levels

In order to enhance Gear you will need Spare parts and Key Components, these items can be found in events within the game and via in-game purchase(s) The amount required increases with each level enhanced on an item of gear.

Combat Lab enhancing                                     combat lab disassemble

Spare parts can also be obtained by disassembling current Gear. Each time you disassemble an item you will earn 102400 Spare part, there is then a 20 minute “disassemble Cooldown” before you can do it again, however you can use a Disassembly Kit to reset the Cooldown timer.

Benefit of Enhancing

Enhancing your Gear will substantially increase the Troop attack stat on each piece you boost. enhancing to (+10) gives 90% troop attack. Doing this on all 7 items of gear adds 630% Troop attack to your stats. That is a significant power up to the most important stat in the game when your looking to attack people.

combat lab power up stats

The ground Breaker research set can be enhanced to 10% (+10) for research speed. This means over a full set you could gain 70% research speed which again is a significant power up and means researches become much cheaper in terms of time to complete.


The Combat Lab becomes expensive to upgrade especially from levels 11-15 but the benefits it gives make upgrading it worthwhile. It is one of the most useful buildings inside your base and definitely worth the investment. When your looking to enhance your gear its very easy to run out of spare parts and/or key components so make sure you choose which items of Gear you enhance wisely to ensure these items are not wasted.

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