Combat Lab levels 21 & 22

New Combat Lab levels 21 and 22 are here.

These new levels allow you enhance both your Core gear and Regular gear. Core gear can now be enhanced to level 7 and Regular gear to level 12


In order to upgrade the Combat Lab to levels 21 and 22, you’ll need Spare parts, Power cells and a new item called Fusion cells. These can be collected from in-game purchases and certain in game events.

Combat Lab level 21 requires 500,000 Fusion cells

Combat Lab level 22 requires 4,500,000 Fusion cells

Total required Fusion cells 5,000,000

The new levels

At level 21:

Regular gear gets a 20% increase in Troop Attack from 90% to 110% and a 10% Troop Health Boost. Garrison gear gets a 20% Troop Defence instead of Attack boost. All economic gear/none combat gets a 1% improvement.

Core gear gets a 50% Attack increase from 200% to 250%

At level 22:

Regular gear gets a 40% Troop Attack increase from 110% to 150% and a 40% Troop Health boost from 10% to 50% Garrison gear gets 40% Troop Defense instead of Attack boost. All economic gear/none combat gets a 1% improvement.

Core gear gets a 50% Attack increase from 250% to 300%


This means with a Combat Lab level 22 its now possible to enhance your Regular Combat gear by 1050% Attack and 350% Health and your Core gear by 2100% Attack.


These new levels further strengthen the power of Combat gear, especially Cores where 700% attack is gained from levels 20-22 if a full gear set is boosted. This is substantial and will make for more powerful hits especially from max research leads.

The cost of upgrading and enhancing gear continuously to the max level is expensive. Priority should be given to the latest most powerful Core sets when enhancing gear to the max level in order to get the most power from a set and hence yield the best combat results.

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