Champion Serums

Brand new Serums have been released.

The Champion Serum, provides a new Test Tube item and multiple new Ingredients to provide a combination of new Serums you can craft in the Biotech Lab

The new Serum Pieces

Test Tube

Overpowered Attack Test Tube – 2.5 Trillion% Overpowered Attack



Energy Pill – 208 Million% Indestructible Defense

Booster Pill – 15 Trillion% Troop Attack, 5 Trillion% Rally/Control Point Attack

Moon Rock – 126 Million% Troop Defense

Gallium – 25 Trillion% Rally/Control Point Mobile Trap Health, 50 Trillion% Rally/Control Point Health, 100 Trillion% Outpost Troop Health

Caffeine – 20 Million% Corrosive Attack

Amph – 25 Million% Troop Armor Piercing



The new Ingredients create a larger section of possibilities for different Serums you can create in the Biotech Lab to compliment the type of account you have.

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