Building Modifier Boosts level 60

Brand new Building Modifier levels have been released.

It is now possible to Boost each of your Rural and Urban Buildings to level 60.

EW have revamped the way building boosting works in as much as a large element of luck is now gone when boosting and ALL buildings instead have 3 fixed building boosts available at a certain luck level.

The boosts on both Urban and Rural buildings are now identical.

Maximum Boosts

The Maximum building boost level available now is level 60 on all Rural and urban buildings. (excluding specialised buildings)

XP levels can be instantly be upgraded using the Instant XP level up button.

Once you reach XP level 60 on any of your buildings, you have a fixed boost from 3 of the following boosts to choose from:

  • Troop Attack – 137BT%
  • Indestructible Defense – 3.44T%
  • Rally and Control Point Attack and Health – 137 BT%


Once your at the maximum luck level of 60, each subsequent “roll” to pick a boost requires 150MT building modifiers

The way you choose to Boost each building depends on the style of your account:

  • If your a player that likes to make lots of solo Attacks, then boosting all buildings for Troop Attack is the best option
  • If your a player that likes to “Trap” and takes hits then boosting all Indestructible Defense is the best option
  • If your a Rally Leader or Control Point/Global Control Point player then boosting all buildings for Rally and Control Point Attack & Health is the best option

If your style is a combination of the above then mixing and matching on the boosts is also an option. The above is only a guide, playing around with the building boosts will allow you to find the best combination to suit your base.


There is 58 buildings that can be boosted in your base. This means there is potential to gain:

7.94TT% Troop Attack


7.94TT% Rally and Control Point Attack and health


199.52T% Indestructible Defense

If you boosted all buildings for one of the three Boosts available.

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