Building levels 23 (Cost and benefits)

The buildings level 23 are the first of 3 levels recently released.

You need to have a building at level 22 before you can upgrade it to level 23

The level 23 buildings all require Legendary Hammers to upgrade. The all take Stone, Oil and Iron but DO Not require Food in order to level up. The Headquarter level 23 requires a Headquarters 23 Blueprint to upgrade. This can be found in selected in-game purchases.

Cost of upgrading to Buildings level 23

Here is the cost to upgrade one of each of your buildings to level 23:

level 23 buildings cost


The total costs for the Buildings are:

  • Stone – 73.18 Trillion
  • Oil – 73.56 Trillion
  • Iron – 73.67 Trillion
  • Legendary Hammers – 22,250,000


Key Building benefits

Each of the new buildings provide different benefits. here is a breakdown of the benefits each level 23 building provides:

Headquarters – Increase of 750,000 deployment size

Radar station – Research scouting and 20% Attack debuff

War room – 5,750,000 Rally capacity & 20% Rally Attack bonus

Armory – 5% Core Duration, 225% Crafting speed

Death Row – 150% Attack, 150% Defense, 150% Health

Prison – 60% Attack per prisoner

Embassy – 15% Embassy Defense, 2,250,000 reinforcement capacity

Hall of Heroes – 10 additional skill points, 3 additional rebel target skill points

Training grounds – 14% Troop Defense, 50% Accuracy, 17,500 troop queue

Hospital – 25% Health, 85,000 capacity

Bank – 25% Attack, 29% training speed, 50% Armor piercing

Trading Post – 5,000,000 Resource help capacity, 150% Trade march speed

Walls – 30% Trap Attack & Defense, 325,000 Trap capacity, 20% Trap training speed

Research Facility – 35% Research speed

Warehouse – 110,000,000 resources protected

Farm, Logging camp, Mine, Quarry – Increase in Resource production and Capacity



Thoughts on Building levels 23

Building levels 23 do not require food to upgrade, however the cost of the other resources is huge meaning at least initially, only the biggest spenders will achieve it.

The Headquarters 23 requires a Blueprint item only available via an in-game purchase. That means if you want to upgrade to level 23 then you’ll need to purchase at least one pack to do so, which could prevent casual players from upgrading

The introduction of the Research scouting is incredibly useful. It allows you to get an overview of all the research your opponent has completed which can tell a defender approximately the strength of an incoming rally leader, and help a rally leader decider whether a target is worth hitting or not

Accuracy and Armor Piercing stats are introduced into the Training Ground and Bank buildings respectively, this is huge for Attackers and now means that for players who hit bases alot, using an all Bank set up could be optimum to maximize Armor Piercing which is the most essential stat when hitting a large troop count.

The increase in Deployment size from the Headquarters will help players to fill rallies especially with the large increase in Rally capacity in recent weeks.

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  1. Need blueprints for level 23 etc. To level up more. Is there a way to do this without spending $.

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