Blackout – Black Friday Accessories

Brand new Blackout Black Friday Accessories have been released. There is five new Accessories been released in 5 different Gear sets.

A Blackout Accessory has been released for the: Hammerhead, Lone Wolf, Anniversary, Refiner’s and Garrison Gear sets.

Each of these new Accessories features stats that are an improvement on current Accessories within the respective Gear sets.

The New Accessories

Blackout Surveillance Drone (Hammerhead set) – This Accessory provides 130% Troop Attack, 190% Troop Health & 130% Troop Defense for all Troop types.

This is a 30% improvement in Attack and Defense & a 39% improvement from the Phantom Surveillance Drone which was the previous strongest accessory in the set.

blackhead hammerhead accessory





Blackout Wolf’s Bite (Lone Wolf set) – This accessory provides 125% each individual Troop type Attack, 160% Troop Attack (for a total of 285% Attack) & 190% total Health

This is a 55% total Attack & 46% total Health improvement from the Haunted Wolf’s bite which was the previous strongest Accessory in the set.

blackout lone wolf accessory






Blackout Death Dealer (Anniversary set) – This Accessory provides 325% Troop Attack and 220% Troop Health for all Troop types.

This is a 55% Troop Attack and 46% Troop Health Improvement on the Anniversary Death Dealer which was the previous strongest Accessory in the set.

blackout death dealer accessory





Blackout Irradiator (Garrison set) – This Accessory provides 140% each individual Troop type Defense, 200% Troop Attack & 180% Troop Health for all Troop types.

This is a 10% individual Troop type Defense and 90% Troop Attack on the Garrison Irradiator which was the previous strongest Accessory in the set.

blackout garrison accessory






Blackout Wrench (Refiner’s set) – This Accessory provides 2% Prototype Gear Duration, 6% Prototype Gear Manufacturing Speed and 4% Prototype Gear Manufacturing Cost Reduction.

This is a 0.5% Gear Duration, 1% Manufacturing Speed and 1% Manufacturing Cost Reduction improvement on the Refiner’s Wrench which was the previous strongest Accessory in the set.

blackout refiner's accessory





All of the New Accessories provide an improvement on the previous best Accessory in the respective sets.

The biggest stat improvement is on the Garrison Accessory which sees a 90% Troop Attack increase, although this is a Defense based set and the Defense increase is only a 10% improvement. The increased Attack will be useful for players struggling to kill the full march from an attacker.

The Lone Wolf and Anniversary sets have a 55% Troop Attack improvement which when used with 3 new accessories will provide a very handy 165% Troop Attack boost before enhancing the gear.

The improvement on the Refiner’s Accessory is only a very small one but any improvement on the duration of a core set will mean you get more use out of it and hence more value for money.

The 30% Defense improvement on the Hammerhead Accessory is a nice boost especially when used over the 3 Accessories giving a 90% boost. This is important for players defending where the Defense stat is currently much harder to increase than the Attack stat.


Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on these new Blackout Black Friday Accessories and the improved stats they have!



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