Black Market

The Black Market is now available in your Base. It is found in the Rural buildings section of your base outside your walls. In order to unlock it you need a Black Market Blueprint which can be found in select in game purchases.

black market building






Once unlocked you will require Black Market credits in order to purchase the items that are available. The credits are available via in game challenges and in selected in game pack purchases.

black market front screen






What can you purchase?

The is a vast selection of items available to buy in the Black Market. The Black Market refreshes after a certain amount of time and stock gets replenished and/or replaced with each refresh. All of the items are limited in quantity and if an item runs out you will need to wait for the Black Market to refresh to have a chance of acquiring it.

The items available in the Black Market include but are not limited to:

  • Full Regular Gear sets for the most up to date Gear
  • Variety of Mod sets
  • Upkeep Helmets
  • Full Core set(s)
  • Mystery Crates
  • Halloween Accessories

black market items






black market items 2






black market items 3






The Black Market in your Base is one of the most Useful Buildings you have. The cost of credits to purchase things can be quite costly with the easiest way to acquire via in game purchases, but the items available make it worthwhile.

This building is an excellent way of getting Gear sets you don’t currently have or Core sets which are ideal for use in the Kill events when they come around.

Sometimes the game has discounted half price Black Market events when all items are 50% off. This is obviously the best time to use your credits so checking back to the Black Market frequently will ensure you pick up the best deals.


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