Biotech Lab levels 21-25

Brand new Biotech Lab levels have been released

You can now upgrade the Biotech Lab building up to level 25, this is in line with the current level of most other buildings in your base.

Upgrading your Biotech Lab to levels 21-25 not only increases the quality of Serums produced via the minimum and maximum range boosts, but also provides Serum Army boosts which add a flat amount and apply to Every Serum that you create.

In order to upgrade the Biotech Lab to levels 21-25 you require the Biotech Lab Centifuge items which are found in selected in game purchases. The number of Centifuge items required for each level are as follows:

Level 21 – 150,000

Level 22 – 160,000

Level 23 – 190,000

Level 24 – 280,000

Level 25 – 440,000

Total Centifuge items required for levels 21-25 – 1,220,000


Serum Army boosts

Biotech Lab levels 21-25 provide flat rate Army boosts that apply to every Serum you make. These stats are additional to the ones created using ingredients when making the Serum and will appear in the Serum stats once a Serum has been created.

The Army boosts given at each Biotech Lab are as follows:

Level 21- Serum Army Attack 6000%, Serum Army Health 400%, Serum Army Defense 400%

Level 22 – Serum Army Attack 12,000%, Serum Army Health 800%, Serum Army Defense 800%

Level 23 – Serum Army Attack 18,000%, Serum Army Health 1200%, Serum Army Defense 1200%

Level 24 – Serum Army Attack 24,000%, Serum Army Health 1600%, Serum Army Defense 1600%

Level 25 – Serum Army Attack 30,000%, Serum Army Health 2000%, Serum Army Defense 2000%


Brand New Serums

There is 3 brand new Serums (Test tubes) also been released. The new Serums and the stats they provide are as follows (according to the in-game blog):

Health Serum – 1000% Troop Health, 1000% Troop Attack

Defense Serum – 1000% Troop Defense, 1000% Troop Attack

Armor Piercing Serum – 1000% Armor Piercing, 1000% Troop Attack

These are the max stats and assume your Biotech is at level 25. These Serums can be combined with ingredients to create finished Serums providing the strongest stats to date.



The new Biotech Levels provide much stronger Serums than previous levels.

At level 25 the max range boost is 1000%, this is nearly double the max range boost at level 20 (600%) the previous highest Biotech Lab level, which results in a much higher chance of getting high range percentages on crafted Serums.

The Serum Army boosts which apply to all Serums created provide much stronger overall Serum results, given that these boosts are a flat amount and additional to the stats gained from any ingredients used. The Army stats apply to your Infantry, Tactical and Armored Vehicle troops.

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