Auxiliary Building levels

Brand new Auxiliary building levels have been released.

The in-game blog advertises the stats achievable at level 275 but you can go higher if you have enough of the required items.

The following buildings are upgradeable:

  • Arsenal
  • Biotech lab
  • Black Market
  • Combat Lab
  • Covert Ops Centre
  • Graveyard
  • Memorial
  • Mobile Ops
  • Monument
  • Speed up Factory
  • Vault


Here is an overview of the total Combat stats achievable if all buildings are level 275:

  • Troop Attack – 20KTTT%
  • Army Attack – 20KTTT%
  • Mobile Trap Attack – 20KTTT%
  • Overpowered Attack – 1KTTT%
  • Army Armor Piercing – 2MT%
  • Type Armor Piercing – 2MT%
  • Corrosive Attack – 1MT%
  • Troop Defense – 5MT%
  • Army Defense – 5MT%
  • Type Defense – 5MT%
  • Indestructible Defense – 3MT%
  • Base Combat Shielding – 2KTTT%
  • Rally/Control Point Health – 30MTTT%
  • Army Rally/Control Point Health – 30MTTT%
  • Troop Health – 1MTTT%
  • Army Health – 1MTTT%


The stat increases on these new Auxiliary Buildings are a massive jump especially in the Attack stats

The Black Market is the most important Building for trap accounts because of the Indestructible Defense stat it gives

The Memorial, Mobile Ops building and Convert Ops building are some of the more useful ones for Attackers

New Auxiliary Building levels are ideal for all account styles as the stats given from each building, remain regardless of whether the Commander is present or not

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