Assault Hanger level 100

The Assault Hanger is a specialised building within your base

It allows you to deploy Assault Vehicles alongside your Solo and Rally attacks when your Commander is present in the deployment.

These Assault Vehicles provide huge combat stats to help in battle.

originally the building could only be upgraded to level 40. At level 40 it gave the following base stats:

  • Overpowered Attack – 200KT
  • Indestructible Defense – 100B
  • Rally and Control Point Troop Health – 5MT
  • Rally and Control Point Trap Health – 1.5MT

and unlocked the following Assault vehicles:

  • Level 1+ : Army Hunter
  • Level 21+ : Corrosive STR-1KR
  • Level 40 : Nuclear Stealth Bomber

The Assault Hanger can now however be upgraded to level 100

Upgrading the Assault Hanger

In order to Upgrade the Assault Hanger you will need Hanger Upgrade Checklist items which are found via in-game purchase(s)

The Cost to upgrade the Hanger to level 40 is 112.57 Million Hanger Upgrade Checklist items

The Cost to upgrade the Hanger from levels 41-100 is 9,99 Trillion Hanger Upgrade Checklist items


Level 100 Assault Hanger building

Upgrading the Assault Hanger past level 40 allows you to unlock 3 new Assault vehicles:

  1. Havoc
  2. Osprey v2
  3. M3ch4

The base stats for the Assault Hanger building at level 100 are;

  • Overpowered Attack – 266KT
  • Indestructible Defense – 20T
  • Rally Health – 6.65MT
  • Control Point Health – 300BT
  • Rally and Control Point Trap Health – 3.32MT

The Assault Vehicles can be levelled up. They range from levels 1 to 5 ( although guaranteed level 5 vehicles can be acquired in pack purchases now).

In order to level an Assault Vehicle up it requires Assault Vehicle XP items and Assault Vehicle Badge items both which can be found from pack purchase(s)

A fully Maxed level 5 M3CH4 Assault Vehicle (strongest available atm) gives the following stats:

  • Troop Attack – 50BT
  • Rally Attack – 100BT
  • Rally Health – 300BT


Each Assault Vehicle provides slightly different stats, so its best to use the one which gives the greatest Attacking stats

The Assault Vehicles are only present when the Commander is in the deployment, and can be seen above the marching rally or solo deployment within the game, the only drawback to this is it easily lets enemies see when your Commander is out of your base, potentially leaving you vulnerable to being attacked

The base boosts from the building itself make this an important building to level up


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