Armor Piercing and Accuracy Insignia

A brand new Armor Piercing and Accuracy Insignia has been released.

This Insignia is a combination Insignia that provides boosts for both Armor Piercing and Accuracy stats when equipped.

The Duration on this Insignia at level 6 is 1 hour and the cooldown is 1 hour

Insignia benefits

The benefits this Insignia gives are as follows (stats are for all troop types; Regular, Advanced, Mercenary):

  • Level 1 – 34.2% Armor Piercing and 34.2% Accuracy
  • Level 2 – 74.8% Armor Piercing and 74.8% Accuracy
  • Level 3 – 116.4% Armor Piercing and 116.4% Accuracy
  • Level 4 – 175.6% Armor Piercing and 175.6% Accuracy
  • Level 5 – 244.5% Armor Piercing and 244.5% Accuracy
  • Level 6 – 400% Armor Piercing and 400% Accuracy

Armor piercing and accuracy insignia


This is second Insignia released that gives an Armor Piercing benefit and the second released that gives an Accuracy benefit.

For hitting bases this Insignia is ideal to be used as its gives the dual benefit of lowering both your enemies Defense and Health.

Combining this Insignia with the Armor piercing Insignia and a Troop Attack Insignia will give the best results when hitting bases. This Insignia is not ideal for use in control points, where there is other Insignia better suited.

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