Anniversary Insignias

Brand new Anniversary Insignias have been released.

There is five new Insignias

These new Insignia offer both combat boosts as well benefits to troop training and gift collecting.

New Insignia

Here is a breakdown of the new Insignia released:

Anniversary Control Point Insignia 

  • Super Rally & Control Point Health – 1000%
  • Rally & Control Point Health – 30BTTT%
  • Mobile Trap Health – 15BTTT


Anniversary Destruction Insignia 

  • Troop Attack – 30MTTT%
  • Overpower Attack – 1.5MTTT%


Anniversary Defense Insignia 

  • Troop Defense – 5MT%
  • Indestructible Defense – 5MT%


Anniversary Global Gift Insignia 

  • 2x Global Gift Collection every 55 minutes while active


Anniversary Drill Training Insignia 

  • 10% Reduction for Training cost of Audacious, Admirable and Astonishing Troops



The Anniversary Drill Training Insignia is going to be helpful for all players looking to train the newly released higher tier troops.

The three combat Insignias cater to different play styles; Control point battles, base hitting and base defending.

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