Accuracy Mod Set

A brand new Accuracy Mod set is here

It features 4 new Mods; 3 regular Mods and 1 special Mod.

The Accuracy Mod set is a dual benefit Mod set that is advertised as giving 3500% Attack and 700% Accuracy, when used in all 7 pieces of gear with the required  of set research fully complete.

The new Mods

(Stats for all troop types; regular, advanced and mercenary)

Bleeding Mod – 25% Troop Attack

Extinction Mod – 25% Accuracy

Sedation Mod – 12.5% Troop Attack, 12.5% Accuracy

Deprivation Mod (Special) – 12.5% Troop Attack, 12.5% Accuracy


Ths Mod set is the first to feature the new Accuracy stat. The Accuracy stat reduces the Health of your enemy, so is the equivalent to the Health Debuff stat in Game of War.

Combining this Mod set with the Accuracy Insignia will give the best possible Accuracy stats currently available.

The Accuracy Mod set is ideal to be used on targets with a small troop count where Health is more beneficial to the defender than defence is. Due to the High Attack in this Mod set it is also an option for use in Control Point battles.

These new Mods provide a further selection for players without the Mod set research complete. The Bleeding Mod is ideal for anyone looking to Mod all Attack and the Extinction Mod is ideal for anyone looking to add some Accuracy into their stats.

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