Accuracy Insignia

A brand new Accuracy Insignia has been released

This Insignia increases the Accuracy stat whilst active

The Duration on this Insignia at level 6 is 1 hour and the cooldown is 1 hour

Insignia benefits

The benefits this Insignia gives are as follows (stats are for all troop types; Regular, Advanced, Mercenary):

  • Level 1 – 50% Accuracy
  • Level 2 – 100% Accuracy
  • Level 3 – 200% Accuracy
  • Level 4 – 300% Accuracy
  • Level 5 – 400% Accuracy
  • Level 6 – 500% Accuracy

Accuracy insignia


The Accuracy stat is a new stat that reduces the Troop Health of your enemy.

It appears to be the equivalent of the Health Debuff stat in Game of War

This Insignia is ideal to be used on bases that have a small troop count where Troop Health is the most important stat for them defending. Given how useful Troop Health is in the control point, its also an option to use in control point battles although there might be more preferable control point insignia.

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